Dima "Dogada" Dogadailo


I create things mainly using Node.js, Typescript, React, SQL & NoSQL, Docker.

I'm interested in blockchain technologies, I believe that decentralization is the future and Bitcoin is the past.

One of my experimental projects Coect aims to create something like distributed Twitter (but without censorship) and Bitcoin (but with instant payments). You can find more details at: https://coect.dogada.org and https://fucr.dogada.org/.

I like meta-programming and prefer dynamic typing over static typing and believe that the best dynamic language isn't yet created. Once upon a time as an experiment, I even wrote a MetaJS compiler from LISP to Javascript that was able to guess a programmer's thoughts (more details at https://metajs.dogada.org).

I used to use Vagrant early but then switched to Docker & Docker Swarm as the main deployment tool. I edit code using Emacs and VsCode on the Linux OS.

I started with Java, then worked several years with Python/Django, but last 7 years I prefer to use Javascript as the main programming language for both backend (NodeJs) and frontend (Angular, RiotJs, Svelte, React/Redux). On my Github you can find several javascript libraries for the NodeJs/React/Redux ecosystem.

My base project template (NextJs, Universal API, Postgres, Redis, Docker Swarm, PlayWright E2E testing) is available on GitHub: https://github.com/dogada/concepts.

If you have any questions, please contact me for additional details.