I was told that to search Indieweb is to search the web; it is the web, isn’t it? But the web is not ready for this. It might never be. I’ve read entries I would never have searched for, just by seeing the title on WordPress.com, by browsing the recommended articles. If I intentionally had to look for these, I would never even thought of them. If the indieweb sites were not syndicating to Twitter, would it be possible to collect the posts based on hashtags with – for example – Google?

I agreed with Peter that #IndieWeb content discovery is an important problem, but I expect it will be solved with good #IndieWeb feed readers that support repost-of and like-of.

IMO #IndieWeb is good enough for publishers already, but isn't 100%-ready for readers yet. When readers will receive Twitter or Facebook-like UI experience (I mean instant replies, reposts, likes, push notifications) content discovery problem will be solved naturally.